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With engaging and interactive educational programmes on offer, we can tailor your students’ Museum experience to their specific learning requirements. They’ll learn how and why the sea has been, and continues to be, an integral part of the very fabric of New Zealand and its people.

You will find this video a useful tool for your previsit planning or for tamariki or students who need extra support when encountering new environments outside school. We encourage you to show it to your all of your tamariki and their whanau prior to your visit.

We show this clip to your group on the day of your visit to explain our rules and some basic safety information. You may want to show your tamariki and their whanau this short clip prior to your visit as an additional support tool.


Discover the amazing journeys that have contributed to the changing identity of New Zealand.

Experience setting sail on a real waka hourua (ocean-going, double hulled canoe). Discover how people of the Pacific are utilising their...

The landscape of the Waitemata Habour has changed significantly since the arrival of the first people. Students will learn how the...

Jewels of the Sea Join us in this programme to discover why we need healthy oceans. Explore how to be innovative through recycling everyday...

Aotearoa New Zealand is a land surrounded by sea.  Discover the stories of shipwrecks, maritime  disasters and the  developing safety...

Travel to the city centre to experience the many types of transport in Auckland. How has it changed over time? 

The way we interact with visitors impacts on the way the world perceives New Zealand.

Learn about New Zealand’s rich maritime heritage, and the part it has played in our history.

Learn about Kupe, Captain James Cook, Sir Peter Blake, Surf Life Savers and our Olympic heroes.

Be inspired by Sir Peter Blake in this study of leadership and achievement.

Discover the masterful skill of the early Polynesian Pacific Voyagers, who crossed great oceans.

Find out why pollution is a problem and how we can keep our oceans clean. 

Learn the basics principles about boat bouyancy. What makes them float, what designs work, what are they made of?

Encourage your students to get creative and write a label about a Museum object.

Take a cruise on a vessel generously sponsored by Ports of Auckland and see their thriving wharves.

Discover the amazing journeys ofexploration made by Kupe, Tasman, Cook and Sir Peter Blake.

An opportunity for your students to discover the changing face of Auckland's Waterfront.

In conjunction with WaterSafe Auckland, this performance-based water safety education programme tells the story of Captain Flintlock.